We help in protecting your home and personal devices with our iHomeProtect services.

Ensuring IoT Security for Your iHome

In today's digital landscape, ensuring the security of IoT devices and maintaining a reliable network is paramount. With the surge in smart device adoption, the risk of security breaches and privacy violations is on the rise.

At FusedTech, we understand these challenges and offer tailored solutions to safeguard your home and loved ones. From identifying potential threats to providing expert guidance, we're dedicated to empowering you to create a secure digital environment.

Our Services

Our iHomeProtect Services

IoT security solutions tailored to safeguard your home's digital infrastructure.

Network Scans for Unauthorized Devices

Conduct a comprehensive scan of your home network to identify any unauthorized devices.

Privacy Checks and Network Integrity

Examine your home network for potential privacy concerns and implement necessary measures.

Independent Private Home Network Setup

Establish a private home network that is independent of your service provider identities.

Internet Bandwidth Solutions

Provide expert assistance in selecting a cost-effective internet bandwidth solution that caters specifically to the needs of your home.

Cloud Storage Solutions

Offer support in resolving storage issues related to cloud services, including Google Email and other cloud accounts.

IoT Device Security Checks

Perform diligent checks to ensure the security of your IoT devices and protect against potential vulnerabilities.

iHomeProtect Camera Installation

Install our recommended iHomeProtect Cameras to enhance the security of your property.

Router Security Enhancements

Implement a password change for your router to enhance network security by eliminating default credentials.

Software Updates and Security Patches

Facilitate the seamless installation of software updates to keep your devices up to date.

Guest Network Configuration

iHomeProtect services include setting up robust passwords and guest networks for enhanced home network security and guest connectivity.

Device Purchasing and Data Migration Assistance

We assist with device purchase and perform migration of data from Phones, Tablets, and PCs.

Printer, Cameras and IoT Devices Setup

Procure and setup Printers, IoT devices and wireless Cameras,

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Why Choose Us

We take pride in our unique qualities, drive, and passion for the industry that we support.

Experience and Expertise

With over 15 years combined of experience in the IT industry, we have developed deep knowledge and expertise in providing innovative technology solutions.

  • Our team of skilled professionals
  • Latest industry trends
  • We deliver cutting-edge solutions
  • Specializing in technical support
  • Premium-level services

Proactive Support and Reliability

We believe in taking a proactive approach to IT support. Our team is dedicated to monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure to prevent issues before they arise. We provide regular maintenance, updates, and security measures to ensure the reliability and smooth operation of your systems. With our proactive support, you can focus on your core business activities while we handle your IT needs

  • Activities while we handle your IT needs
  • Our proactive support
  • Monitoring and managing

Emphasis on Security

 We understand the critical importance of data security in today’s digital landscape. Our team employs the latest security measures to protect your sensitive information and safeguard your systems against cyber threats. 

By choosing Fused Technology Solutions, you gain a trusted partner who offers industry expertise, local focus, customized solutions, proactive support, and top-notch security. We are committed to helping your business thrive by providing innovative IT solutions that enhance your productivity, efficiency, and overall success.

  • Trusted partner
  • Industry expertise
  • Providing innovative IT solution

Local Focus and Community Support

We have a strong commitment to supporting the local community, particularly small and medium businesses in the Ottawa region. By partnering with us, you not only benefit from our expertise but also contribute to the growth and success of our local economy.

Security and compliance

Take pride in our unique qualities, drive and passon for the industry that we support.

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