Cyber Security is an often-neglected need of businesses, the lack of which often result in significant data breaches. Fused Technology Solutions offers unbeatable security solutions to protect your business from malware and other cyber treats.

Leave your Data Security to Us

We Protect Data better

Your sensitive data will remain safe, with us monitoring your server and offering contingencies, threat mitigation, and data recovery protocols. Our techs can offer you expert guidance on the security measures we can implement to mitigate cyber threats and increase cost efficiency by avoiding server downtime.

Local security Support

If you experience a cyber-attack, our locally based information security analysts are on hand to assist you at any time, via phone or our online client portal.

Fight against cyber threats

Cyber threats are becoming more and more pervasive. Ransomware, malware, and phishing attacks are the most persistent attacks small businesses are facing.

Security Packages

We offer all types of security packages for all types of budgets.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Security operations center for 24/7 clock monitoring of systems.

Malware Protection

Our malware protection service is comprehensive and ensures your business stay safer.

Security Packages

We offer all types of security packages for all types of budgets.

Network Security

Keep your network infrastructure secure and protect data with our managed solutions.

Endpoint Detection & Response

Improving how your staff use technology to prevent cyber-attacks.

Incident Response

Swiftly detect and mitigate potential attacks and mitigate any business disruption.

Identity & Access Management

Protect your business data with our comprehensive MFA and access solutions.

Cloud and Application security

Ensure data protection with our cloud app security service.

Cyber Security Awareness training

Train teams to recognize, report, and respond to threats.

Cyber Audit

Understand where your vulnerabilities lie.