Fused Technology Solutions offers modern cloud solutions rooted in helping your business optimize its employee efficiency and secure its data access. With our cloud service, you will benefit from a well-designed cloud system, express management and maintenance, and security services. We believe in offering custom cloud computing services that fit your data storage, access, and security needs.
Our cloud services include cloud endpoint backup and data recovery that prevents significant data loss and protects it from equipment failure or natural disasters. We also offer server backup and Office 365 backup, enabling you to have online backups of your favorite Office programs, such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, giving you access to your work from anywhere.

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Disaster And Backup Recovery DBR

Is your business is prepared for when a disaster strikes? Protect your business with Fused Tech’s Disaster backup & recovery plan.

Endpoint Backup Protection

The simplest way to protect your key business data. No matter where you employee takes their portable devices, rest assure your data is this protected.

Server Backup

Mitigate the risk of losing all your data, from ransomware or software failures, protect your company by backing up you on-premises server to the cloud with Fused Technology server backup solutions.

Office 365 Backup

Fused Technology Solutions Cloud Backup gives you the advantage and flexibility to restore your Microsoft 365 applications data in a blink of an eye.