Our history and who we are

Established in 2021, Fused Technology Solutions is one of the leading managed IT providers In Ontario. We are devoted to helping businesses focus on growing their organization and achieving their objectives while we take care of their IT needs. As a leading MSP in Ontario, we offer convenient and comprehensive custom IT solutions with hassle-free, continuing support and monitoring services.

Over the past two, we have worked with many law firms, financial institutions, dental & medical clinics, and other small and medium sized businesses (SMB) all over Ontario, especially in our community in Ottawa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support small and medium businesses in Canada, but especially in Ottawa Ontario in our own community with their IT needs to enhance service delivery and effective communication with our clients.

Why Fused Technology Solutions

Commitment to our clients

We will offer the best services to each of our clients, going beyond customer expectations to build and maintain trust with our clients.


We will uphold strong moral principles and honest relations with our clients.

Continuous improvement and learning

We will keep up with industry changes and encourage growth
and innovation in our business operations to better support our clients.


We will encourage collaboration among our employees and across departments

Customer centric

Our solutions will focus on creating the best experience for our customers to meet
their needs while building and enhancing brand loyalty.